SCNX Referrals FAQ

SCNX Referrals FAQ
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How does this work?

It's fairly easy: Just go to your Dashboard, head over to Referrals and set it up - you can customize which page your URL should lead users to and customize their appearance to maximize effectiveness.

Depending on your agreement with ScootKit, you may be able to enable features such a Free PRO-Trial for users, a customized landing page or a Free-25-Member-Requirement-Skip for users.

After that, users will be able to use your link: After clicking on it, we'll save your referral in a cookie (well technically we save it in our session cookie, so no new cookie will be set). If they add a new server, we save your referral in our database associated with the server and register a referral. 30 days after that, we check if the server is still actively using SCNX and if yes, we'll award you the 0.10€ commission (or any other amount agreed upon).
For every upgrade the server buys (free upgrades do unfortunately not count) within the first year after using your referral, you'll receive 15% (or any other percentage agreed upon) of the purchase price (without taxes, payment processing & shipping fees). Upgrades via credits count as 3€ (price of a credit). This usually means: If a server upgrades for one month to active guild, you'll receive 0,60€ (for PRO: 1,20€) - if a server pre-pays for a year, you'll receive 4,95€ (or 9,90€ accordingly). Please note the grace period for these commissions.

To get the money, you need to create an SCNX Organization and enable payouts - only takes two minutes. After having done that, you can pay out anytime in your organization dashboard via these payout-methods.  

Referrals cannot be applied to servers already using SCNX. Servers that have used SCNX at one point in the past won't be able to use your referral code.

Default Commission-Rates

Item Rate Grace-Period Note
For each server added 0.10€ 30 days Only servers using SCNX activly after 30 days count as refferred
Commission for Server-Upgrades 15% 15 days For referred servers, only in first year and based on Euro pricing, regardless of user currency. Subscriptions, Upgrades and One-Time-Upgrades are eligible for comissions, other means of upgrading (like Lifetime-Plans or Promotions) are not eligible.

Grace Period for different payment methods

Grace-Period for newly added servers is always 30 days. The server needs to be actively using SCNX in order for your commission to be granted.

Currently, we won't enforce payment-method-specific grace periods. All commissions for Upgrades have a grace-period of 15 days, it does not matter what payment-method the user uses.

Due to the different rules for chargebacks and refunds, we have different Grace-Periods for payment methods. You won't receive a commission, if a payment is refunded or the buyer starts a chargeback.

  • Creditcard: 14 Days
  • PayPal: 30 Days
  • SEPA-Direct-Debit: 42 Days
  • Other payment methods: 7 Days
  • Payment with SCNX Credits (if payment method of these credits cannot be determined): 30 Days

Please note that these grace periods are only for reducing the risks of chargebacks. If a customer opens a chargeback-case against us after the grace period, we will still deduct your commission from your organization-balance.


Please note that for any Payout-Methods other than SCNX-Credits, we may require you to verify your identity. We'll reach out if that's required (usually if you hit a certain limit). You can review requirements in your organization dashboard.
Method Minimal balance Transaction-Fee Timing after payout-start Notes
SCNX-Credit 2.50€ 0.00€ Instant 2.50€ / Credit
SEPA-Bank-Transfer 2.00€ 0.00€ 1-7 Working Days Only Bank-Accounts inside the EU accepting EUR supported
PayPal 2.00€ 0.50€ 1-5 Working Days PayPal-Account needs to be verified; Pay-Out in EUR

Transaction-Fees will be deducted from payed out amount. We are working on supporting even more pay-out methods. Please note that pricing may change in the future.

What do the different States of Referrals mean?

  • "Pending referrals": These referrals are in their respective grace periods and will be processed in the next 30 days
  • "Accepted referrals": These referrals have been granted, and your organization has received the commission. Check your organization's payout-history for details.
  • "Invalid referrals": These referrals were invalid. Reasons for this could be Refunds, Chargebacks, Guild-Deletions and others. Unfortunately, due to technical restrictions, we are unable to provide information on a case-by-case basis.

Rules for usage

Allowed usage:

  • Put a link in your Bio, on your website, on your Discord
  • Share link to friends with their permission
  • Share link to other users after they ask for it
  • Create content on other platforms (e.g. YouTube, TikTok, Instagram) and put link in Bio / Description / ...

Not allowed usage:

  • Send link to users or other Discords without permission
  • Reward usage of link in any way (e.g. giving part of commission, giving role, ...)
  • Encourage users to add servers and delete them afterward (please also note that every server needs to be active for 30 days on SCNX before receiving any payouts or commissions)
  • Share link in sexual, racist or any other inappropriate context
  • Use the link on your second-account or yourself

Please note that if you violate any of these and other SCNX terms, we will revoke your access to SCNX Referrals. If we find any referral to be in violation, we will revoke all commissions.

Program specifications

Please note that the SCNX Terms of Service apply fully. This program allows users, like you, to earn money by referring users to SCNX, as long as they use a specially issued tracking-link by ScootKit and comply with the Rules for usage, these program specifications, the previously mentioned SCNX Terms of Service and other agreed up documents. ScootKit is not required to run this program. ScootKit has the right to modify, change, remove or revoke any parts of this program at any time without prior warning. This program is run without any liability, and you are not entitled to any amount of compensation or other rewards at any time - any "earned" money is still in the ownership of ScootKit, and we are allowed to deny payouts without any reason. ScootKit can deny payouts, referrals and other parts of the program without prior warning and without reason. ScootKit is allowed to revoke access to this, or parts of this program, at any time. In the event of a revocation, ScootKit may pay out the remaining amounts, but is not required to do so. Please note, that you need to file taxes, if required, yourself. ScootKit may delete balances, referrals or any other parts of the program without prior warning and without reason.  ScootKit cannot provide assistance with filing required taxes or other required documentation. You are participating in this program at your own risk.