SCNX CDN Takedown Requests & Policies

SCNX CDN Takedown Requests & Policies
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These policies are applicable to content hosted under This domain hosts user-uploaded content.

While we try hard to ensure safety of our customers and compliance with applicable laws, we understand that due to the nature of hosting services like this one, users could upload content violating our own Terms of Services, rights of Third-Parties or laws & regulations. We take these violations seriously and will immediately take down content in violation.

What to report / What to not upload

  • Content violating our own Terms of Service
  • Content violating German or International Copyright or Trademarks
  • Content in violation of German Laws (this includes certain political symbols prohibited in Germany)

If you are unsure if you should report content on our network, please reach out to us / file a report regardless - we'll examine each case.

How to report

Report via E-Mail

You can report the content in question by emailing [email protected]. Always make sure to include URLs to the content in question. We usually respond to online reports in less than 7 business days..

Report online

Use this online form, to report content online. We usually respond to online reports in less than 48 hours, at most 7 business days.

Additional information

We are registered in Germany and only operate inside the European Union. We will follow all applicable laws in addition to our own guidelines from our Terms of Service. You can find our imprint here.