Report DM-Abuse

Hi, welcome to SCNX! If you are here, you might have recived a DM from a Custom-Bot hosted at SCNX. As part of Custom-Commands (and other modules), we allow users to send DMs to users. Because we not only value our customers, but every user on Discord, we take action if we feel like a guild is abusing their power (e.g. sending to many DM-messages). If we detect abuse, we add a "Report abuse"-button to every DM-messages which leads to this page and can not be removed by the administrators.

What counts as abuse?

  • Sending messages without prior consent
  • Sending mass-DMs
  • Sending Ads- or Spam-Messages without consent
  • Sending inappropriate content as DMs

How do I report abuse?

Just write us a short message via E-Mail: [email protected]. Please include pictures of your DMs with a Custom-Bot, the ID of the server the bot is from and any other content assosiated with your case. Our legal staff will review you case within 24 hours and take actions if nessasary. We'll confirm when we processed your request via E-Mail, but we won't be able to share the actions taken (if any).

What happens to servers abusing DMs of their Custom-Bot?

If our teams finds a violation, we'll disable the server from SCNX, meaning that the hosted bot will go offline. The owner can then appeal the decision.

As a Server-Owner, can I remove the "Report abuse"-Button?

No. This is not possible. The button will appear under messages if you are sending to many messages in a short period of time. This is a clear indication of abuse and we'll allow your users to report abuse. You can not remove the button.