Ad-Supported Starter-Plan

Ad-Supported Starter-Plan
Photo by Mikhail Vasilyev / Unsplash. You might ask why. We don't know either.

Welcome back - thanks for using SCNX! Today, we are announcing some new changes regarding how we handle servers on the Starter-Plan. These changes will make SCNX more sustainable in the future and are required in order for us to continue offering a free plan.

Why are these changes required?

Currently, we are losing money on SCNX - we don't earn enough to cover our costs. We have announced this back in August. Since then, nothing has really changes, so we had to rethink the way we thread not-paying servers. Most of our users never payed a dime to use SCNX and are a waste of our money (speaking financially, we still love these servers <3). But we understand that not everyone can pay 3€ / month for a Discord-Bot. Because of this, we have aimed to find a fair compromise: Introducing: Ad-Supported Starter-Plans.

How does this affect my server?

Servers with a payed plan (Active Guild or PRO) are not affected at all. Compare our plans & pricing here.

Starting in the following weeks, all servers without a payed plan are required to periodically watch a so-called Checkin-Video-Ad, otherwise their bot will temporarily stop after their free plan ends, until they watch another ad. These are short 15-60s videos from advertisers. The advertiser you watch this advertisement from are then paying for your hosting costs. These Checkins need to happen every 7 days. You can also extend this time to 14 days by watching two Checkin-Ads at a time. You can watch these Video-Ads in your server's pricing page.

Please remember: There are no (and there never will be) third-party-ads in your Custom- or Modmail-Bots. The bots themselves are free of ads. You only need to watch an advertisement in your SCNX-Dashboard every 7 days to keep your bot running.

Frequently asked questions

Can I extend my period over 14 days?

No. You can watch up to two ads at a time which concludes to 14 days of hosting time. You can not have more than 14 days of hosting time.

I don't want to watch ads?

You don't have to - just buy a plan starting at only 3€ / month - including other features like your own Modmail-Bot. Learn more about plans on SCNX.

Can my members or my staff watch ads to extend my server?

Every trusted-admin and owner of a server can extend the free plan by watching video-ads in the dashboa

What happens if I forget to extend my plan?

Don't worry. After your hosting time expires, your bots will shut down and you won't be able to start them again without extending your hosting time. You can setup notifications to prevent this from happening in the future.

Can I set up notifications?

Yes, you can set up a notification that your Custom-Bot will send in any channel on your server 24 hours before your plan is going to expire. You can set this up in pricing panel under "Manage Free-Plan" -> "Manage notifications" (you won't see this option if you do not have the starter-plan).

Can I advertise on SCNX?

Sure. Check out our Ad-Panel to learn more.